Empowering people to drive change.

Our goal is to advise and accompany you in your agile transformation process. Our services cover all levels of your company and are individually tailored to your needs.

Customers and partners who trust MSI:

Change can come from within.

Working at eye level with you, we develop sustainable solutions that open up new potential, make processes leaner and more effective and motivate your teams.

MSI has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner who, in addition to the methodological competence for agile working, has outstanding expertise on the topic of mindset and transformation. MSI has the knowledge and ability to convey methods such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, DevOps or self-organisation more than any other consulting firm we know of, while explaining its background and scientific context.

Jens Haller
Digitalisation Officer, Siemens

Accompany organizations

As part of our consulting services, we offer you a strategic view "from the outside" of your portfolio and possible product innovations. Together we discuss how, for example, customer-centricity of your organisation and shortening of the time-to-market could look like. At all times, we respectfully include the individual requirements and needs of your company.

Empowering teams

We support you in structuring the teams in a goal-oriented and effective way, setting them up cross-functionally and clarifying all roles. Through the integrated training, employees gain confidence in the agile methods and enjoy the new possibilities. Experience shows that the satisfaction and motivation of the employees increases and the teams gladly take on the end-to-end responsibility for customers and services.

Trainings - Experience Agile and DevOps

We tailor our trainings in scope and content to the different levels of the company. It's not just about acquiring knowledge, but about a real transformation. To achieve this, we offer a "glimpse into the future" during the trainings, to show what is possible. We love to convey modern technologies such as DevOps to clarify what benefits and added value they offer. This quickens and simplifies the integration of new processes for employees.

Dear MSI team, with your experience and keen sense for people, you have managed to develop our organization in a way I would not have dared to wish for a year ago. Thank you for all the help and support, and for joining us on this exciting agile journey!

Katharina Rohrbacher
Head of Development & Operations, Siemens Mobility

Share experience

We use our experience from working with numerous industries and organisations for your company. Our goal is to accompany you until the processes and ways of working are firmly anchored with all those involved.

Incremental introduction of SAFe

A manufacturer of security-relevant software wants to become more adaptable and agile through an agile way of working and be able to react more quickly to customer demands. MSI initially accompanies only a pilot team in the transition to agile working. After a short time, the employees report so enthusiastically about the new way of working that, despite previous resistance, the entire unit now wants to become agile. The cross-functional teams work much more independently, faster and better after completing the trainings. Customer satisfaction and profitability increase significantly. Everyone involved calls the changeover a complete success.

Product teams are given end-to-end responsibility

Factories have experienced stagnating performance over past years due to a lack of collaboration among departments and a strong blaming culture. Factory leadership quickly adopted Agile leadership dividing the employees into cross-functional, self-managed product teams that were given end-to-end ownership for their product lines. Productivity and reliability increased to a historic high and sales increased by more than 20%.

Operations go agile

A government enterprise wants to transform its administration in an agile way. MSI puts an emphasis on creating an agile mindset. Strategic goals are jointly developed while adapting the practical approach with Product Owner and Scrum Master to the existing values and objectives. The various departments are reorganized, and communication is made more effective. Thanks to continuous customer feedback, employees are highly motivated and thus require significantly less processing time.

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